JoinTec Adhesive Materials Co., Ltd is committed to the research and development of special high-temperature industrial adhesive tapes and electronic adhesive materials, providing suitable technical support and high-quality supporting materials for the electronic and electrical industries.
After years of development and precipitation, we have accumulated rich application experience and dedicated to provide customers with high-quality, fast supply guarantee.
The company adheres to the four self-guidelines of “self-owned brands, free innovation, conscious inspection, and self-improvement” to add strength to the application of special adhesive materials in China. Quality Assurance: Created in 2004..


Company Profile


Company Profile

JoinTec Adhesive Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, specializing in the production and operation of special electronic tape and electrical heat-resistant adhesive materials. The company has its own technical development capabilities and provides special heat-resistant insulation protection tapes, high-temperature shielding protection tapes, various types of flexible insulation adhesive materials, flexible coatings for domestic and foreign electronic component...