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Glass cloth tape

The glass cloth tape is made of 0.13mm thick imported glass cloth coated with high performance silica gel. The tape thickness is 0.18mm±0.01mm. The product has good temperature resistance (-50°C~260°C), strong adhesive force, strong Tear resistance and other characteristics, used in H-class heat insulation insulation binding, a variety of high-temperature sandblast protection and lithium manganese battery insulation and other high-strength insulation protection. Tape is particularly cost-effective, tape can be used in performance can be completely replaced 3M-69 # \ P212 \ TESA4618 \ GT-66 and other imported glass cloth tape has now been widely used in the domestic air-conditioning appliances, automotive electronics, digital electronics and other high temperature insulation protection occasion.

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※ Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can withstand 200°C high temperature for a long time, and has high tensile strength and strong adhesive force. It is widely used in the wrapping of H-class motor and transformer coil lead wires.
※ Glass cloth tape explosion-proof anti-leakage, a large number of high-energy lithium battery insulation dressing.
※ can be used for a variety of high-temperature sandblast protection and high temperature shielding protection

1, good thermal stability, long-term work at 200 °C, short time can withstand 260 °C high temperature.
2, soft tear-resistant, strong adhesion, not easy to deformation, suitable for a variety of profile surface paste protection
3, no glue residue, after long-term high-temperature curing after tearing open tape, no residue.
4, high mechanical strength, suitable for coil tight and tight.