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Double-sided Tape

The high-temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape is made of domestically-made high-quality polyimide film, coated with a low-viscosity silicone, and a high-viscosity adhesive. The special-purpose double-sided tape is made of special coating equipment. The product has good viscosity, heat resistance and chemical resistance and is suitable for bonding and positioning of silicone materials, films and other difficult-to-bond materials.

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※ Electronic protection paste: The high temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape is recommended for FPC flexible printed circuit. In SMT wave soldering and reflow soldering process, the FPC is fixed on the base plate, and it can be repeatedly used through high temperature soldering treatment.
※ If there is a drop in the viscosity of the low-viscosity surface, wipe it with alcohol.

1. The substrate has high mechanical strength, excellent dielectric properties, good dimensional stability, and excellent heat resistance
2. High-viscosity silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive has strong adhesion and high temperature resistance
3, low viscosity surface high temperature resistance, low free silicon content, no residue transfer after stripping, can be repeatedly used
4, can adjust the viscosity of both sides according to different requirements