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Paper Tape

Aramid paper insulation tape uses high-temperature aramid fiber paper or NOMEX paper as the substrate, single-sided coating of imported pressure-sensitive adhesive, backside anti-sticking treatment, and high temperature process. Good thermal stability (-25°C~155°C), strong adhesive force, strong tear resistance and other characteristics, applied to high-strength insulation protection of F class heat-resistant motor electrical insulation binding, mobile phone accessories insulation and lithium manganese battery insulation dressing etc. .

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※ Aramid paper insulation tape is suitable for high-end F-class motor and transformer coil end dressing.
※Aramid paper is tough, tear-resistant and chemical resistant. It is used for high-energy lithium battery pack insulation, mobile phone accessories, etc.
※ It is used as electronic coils of HVT, HID and other electronic transformers to wrap insulation and end retaining walls.

1, good thermal stability, long-term work at 155 °C, a short time can withstand 180 °C high temperature;
2, strong tear resistance, strong adhesion, not easy to deformation, suitable for a variety of profile surface paste protection;
3. No adhesive residue, no adhesive residue when the adhesive tape is torn after prolonged high-temperature curing;
4, high mechanical strength, suitable for coil tight and tight;